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Room Shots

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Venue shots are in my opinion a big part of the story of the wedding day. More often then not, a lot of time and effort have been brought together to materialize the bride’s vision of her day. I am fortunate enough to work with outstanding coordinators, designers, floral  and decor artists, and lighting gurus. They make my job easy. What is not easy, however is that these rooms generally are not finalized until  minutes of the doors opening to the guests. Usually you will have well meaning servers, banquet captains, and other vendors doing last minute checks and admiring their work. ARGH! Here is what I do. I politely ask/remind the powers that be if I could have 3 minutes with the room cleared so I can photograph the room.(this does not always happen) Before then I look for my money scene that will showcase the whole room. I know when the room is empty that is the 1st shot I will employ. I may have 2 wide money shots but prioritize and then I work from wide to tight to details. I know the servers and guests will all be running back any second, so this preplanning is critical. While I wait i shoot details,details,details.


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