Destination wedding photographer, Damon Tucci.

Day 2: Where the Locals Go

One of the great perks of owning your own business is having the flexibility to travel. However, the downside is that you are never really “off” when you are traveling. So I spent the morning checking VM and emails before we headed back down to the Pike Place Market. When we went the night before it was after 6pm and the market was technically closed and very quiet; that was not the case now. The energy of the country’s oldest continually operating market (100 years plus) was frenetic and it really was, just like on TV.

The motto around Seattle is, “think globally, eat locally”, and why not? Especially when what you have locally is fresh Sockeyed Salmon, sweet oysters, giant crab and everything else the ocean has to offer.

DSCF0100 Day 2: Where the Locals Go

market Day 2: Where the Locals Go

market2 Day 2: Where the Locals Go

After the market we walked over to Pioneer Square in the International District. It was small, but overflowing with culture, history and urban folklore. There were a couple street performers, cute cafes a bunch of art galleries and shops.

ps Day 2: Where the Locals Go

Having tired out our feet we hopped into a cab so that Damon could see the ginormous REI outdoor sporting warehouse. Unlike TV, it was a bit smaller then I had imagined. We saw the indoor rock climbing wall, outdoor test bike trail and just about everything else you could need for camping, hiking, biking, stand up surfing and tons more.

We headed back to the hotel for a cat nap and then across the street to Tango bar and tapas grill. It was chill and the perfect place to hang out while we waited for our friends. Now I know what you are thinking, who takes a picture of a tequila shot. It was the biggest shot of anejo that I had ever seen, so I had to document. Good thing its across the street and we weren’t driving.

tango Day 2: Where the Locals Go

Not my favorite picture of us, but it will do :)

For dinner Geneva and Rob took us to the Capital Hill district, which is an 8 minute car ride. The vibe was urban Bohemian. There were funky book stores, coffee houses, a haunted old movie theatre and beautiful mansions. I totally forgot to get the name of the place we ate at, but it was great, except for my grape skittle-tini, which was a bit too tart for me.

We ended the day with a visit to Geneva and Rob’s condo to check out the view from the roof top. It was just about sunset and we caught a glimpse of Mt. Ranier. Overall it was the perfect Seattle day.

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