The profoto B1 tests continue. Today welders in orlando. The profoto b 1 s are like cheating. No modifiers -NO Problem. If I had shot these photos available light, I would not have been able to create the DRAMA and hard lighting that these , powerful.portable. easy  to use strobes produce. Stay tuned – next week we are shooting a bride in a remote swamp at dusk and then it off to the secluded pine island (gulf fla) to shoot swimsuit models. So far I LOOOOOVE these lights!beforedave profotowelde profotobeforedillon profotod3e profotod4e profotod7e profotohane profoto

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A Chair Affair, Inc. - Really like this series!September 8, 2014 – 1:31 pm

Sarasota Ritz Beach Club Wedding of Sara and Ben

Awesome Wedding of Sara and Ben, Congratulations you two. In Spite of tropical storm Karen looming off the coast we had great weather and a great time. Special Thanks to Lisa Holsclaw, Nicole, Lisa, and Korrin from NK productions, Clint Wiley and his rocking band, and the fabulous staff of the Sarasota Ritz Beach Club. Here is a little sneak Peek!

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Cathy and Rich Shea - Absolutely beautiful! What wonderful memories of such a special day!October 16, 2013 – 5:10 pm

Brenda - Loved it!!October 13, 2013 – 5:18 am

Becky Clark - Absolutely love these pictures! October 10, 2013 – 11:49 am

Brenda Criss - The wedding was so much fun! Congrats to Ben & Sara!! I wish you all the best!!October 10, 2013 – 6:13 am

Susan Connell - You ought to put out your own How To Have A Fabulous Beach Wedding magazine – A+ all the way. Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Susan.
October 10, 2013 – 1:46 am

Waldorf Orlando Wedding Daniela and Mark

Congratulations to Daniela and Mark! Special Thanks to Heather and Shanna from Weddings Unique, Andrea and the staff of the Waldorf, Jesus and  Walter from Raining Roses, Clint Wiley and his band, Ben from Kaleidoscope, and our DJ and performers who made this a magical evening!

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Alejandrina Rodriguez - lindas todas las fotos,captando momentos inolvidables, gracias por compartir.
September 14, 2013 – 1:41 am

Ruth Sardo - beautiful moments captured in the best time to stay forever HAPPINESS!August 31, 2013 – 10:47 pm

Ben Lawles - Breathtaking as usual! Great job Damon Tucci!August 30, 2013 – 4:08 pm

Bonita Springs Wedding of Abigail and Stephen

Photos cannot do justice to the grandeur and beauty of this wedding. Designs by Sean outdid himself once again. Special thanks to the Bonita Springs Hyatt, also to Leslie Mastin and her team, all the performers, and the Dosoretz and Pezzi families. Thanks for letting my team be a part of this AWESOME event! Congratulations Abby and Stephen!

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